If there’s one thing my cat and I have in common, it’s our love for naps. Unlike my cat, I have responsibilities to attend to. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy making my cat’s naps as enjoyable as possible. Though he happily sleeps on all of our furniture as well as any random box he finds, I was eager to add a new bed to his furniture collection.  This luxury cat hammock by Pet Magasin is great for both pets and pet owners! Whether he’s rocking himself to sleep or just hanging out, your cat will feel like royalty in this luxury cat hammock. It even includes an extremely soft silk blanket! But, your cat isn’t the only one who will fall in love with this hammock. It also provides great entertainment for you— the pet owner! Your cat will look picture perfect in this hammock.

However, as much as my cat and I LOVE the hammock, setting it up was a nightmare! To begin with, I’m not great at assembling things, but this cat hammock was one of the most confusing items I’ve attempted to assemble. I believe the setup was so complicated because the instruction manual wasn’t very clear and the wood pieces weren’t labeled.  A thorough instruction manual and labeled pieces would have made the setup process a lot less frustrating.

Once assembled, my cat immediately took a liking to it. My sister’s cat also considers it her new favorite place to groom herself.


I also really like that the hammock is adjustable. If your cat is clumsy or hesitant about using the hammock, you can limit the swinging by tightening the ties. Once I did that, our cats were eager to snuggle up in their new luxurious cat hammock.

Another great thing about this cat hammock is that it retails at $99.99, but Pet Magasin is selling it for less than half that price at $29.99. As a thank you to my readers, Pet Magasin has given me an additional 30% off code to purchase their hammock through their website or on Amazon. Use CODE:5F2WSQO4 at checkout to receive this exclusive discount.

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