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Today, I have a new makeup review brought to you by CoverGirl! As a CoverGirl Insider member, I received the opportunity to try CoverGirl’s newest product, Total Tease Mascara

CoverGirl is really at the top of their game lately. In this past year alone, they’ve created some of the most innovative mascara wands I’ve ever used! First, they created So Lashy Mascara which has a one-of-a-kind lash finder brush.  And now they’re back with their Total Tease Mascara!

CoverGirl’s Total Tease Mascara is unique from traditional mascaras. Its wand has a built-in teasing comb that separates lashes to create a voluminous and clump-free look. CoverGirl’s newest mascara also promises to lengthen, volumize, and tease out lashes. Whether you’re an amateur or a makeup enthusiast, Total Tease Mascara is designed to help you achieve the precise and bold look you desire.

After testing the mascara on multiple occasions, here are my thoughts…

The brush:

As mentioned above, Total Tease Mascara has a wand that is unlike traditional mascaras.  In addition to a bristled wand, it also has a teasing comb that removes clumps and separates lashes. This unusual wand is superior because it removes clumps before they start. The teasing comb is also useful when applying mascara to the inner corners of your eyes.


The mascara comes in five different shades: Very Black, Black, Black Brown, Brown, & Deep Blue.  I received this mascara in shade 805 Black. As someone with very light lashes, I am impressed with how well this mascara darkened my lashes. Though I didn’t use the darkest shade, I still noticed a remarkable difference in the color of my lashes. The consistency of the mascara is also on par with my expectations. It isn’t too watery or dry.  The brush comes out smooth and clean with just the right amount of formula.


Total Tease Mascara is amazing at adding length but does very little for volume. I have almost non-existent lashes, but Total Tease Mascara brings my lashes to life. As seen in the picture on the left, my lashes are super short and barely visible. But, Total Tease Mascara gives them a noticeable and natural boost. However, it doesn’t do a whole lot for volume. My lashes are still thin, they are now just thin and long rather than being thin and short.

Total Tease Mascara

Overall thoughts:

Based on my results and its super cute packaging, I give Total Tease mascara a 4/5 💋💋💋💋 rating. You can buy this mascara in most drugstores or on Amazon. Drugstore mascaras can be magical, but this one is no fairy godmother. For a drugstore mascara that retails under $10, CoverGirl’s Total Tease Mascara works quite well. However, it only grants two out of three of my wishes by darkening and lengthening my lashes. If CoverGirl can create an all-in-one mascara that darkens, lengthens, AND thickens my barely-visible lashes, I will gladly pronounce them the fairy godmother of drugstore mascaras. 😉



*I received this product complimentary of Covergirl for testing & reviewing purposes. #CGInsiders#gotitfree However, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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