We all know an exceptionally nice person. If we’re lucky, we know more than one person. Or maybe, we ARE this person. Of course, most human beings have the ability to be nice. But the nice people I’m referring to are those who are so nice that they constantly have the word floating above their head. When someone asks about their character, the word ‘nice’ is found in their description. The ‘nice’ tag follows them all throughout life whether it be in the workplace, the dating world, or their personal relationships.

Their airy essence and go with the flow attitude is what gets them branded with this ‘nice’ descriptor. These are the people who are difficult to anger, the people who rarely make the final decisions but peacefully agree to them, the people who apologize more than they are apologized to and the people who are pleasant more often than not.

Most of the time, ‘nice’ people don’t mind being called ‘nice’, (After all, there are worse things to be called.) But, the problem with being ‘nice’ is that people have trouble seeing you as anything other than that.The moment a ‘nice’ person gets angry is the moment all hell breaks loose. People seem to lose their minds when someone who is generally peaceful has suddenly blown their lid. Instead of trying to figure out the reason(s) for their sudden mood change, they have the tendency of downplaying the nice person’s feelings for being anything other than calm.

But, as surprising as it may be, nice people aren’t always calm. We may be nice 90% of the time, but we’re still human. We have bad days, we sometimes get too little sleep, we get sick, we get moody, and sometimes our kindness simply runs on empty.

And it’s not that we want our anger automatically excused, we just want a little understanding when we’re feeling less than nice. We want the same consideration given to others when they are in a foul mood. We don’t want to convince you that we have the right to be angry, moody, or cranky. We want you to accept that ALL people get this way sometimes, even the nice ones.

Though it may seem like we’re capable of being our own cheerleader, us ‘nice’ people can sometimes use a little extra kindness ourselves.  When we’re angry, we don’t want people jumping to conclusions just because we aren’t our usual happy self. Like most people, we want someone in our corner who listens, validates or considers our feelings and extends their kindness to us through hugs, venting sessions, or space.

So… to those of you who may not know, here’s a little PSA for you: ‘Nice’ people can get moody. ‘Nice’ people can be mean. ‘Nice’ people experience the same spectrum of human emotions as everyone else, so please don’t demonize or belittle us just because our mood is sometimes out of character. No one is perfect. No one is nice 100% of the time. I nicely ask you to remember that.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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