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Today, I have a new makeup review to share with you brought to you by Covergirl! As a CoverGirl Insider member, I was given the opportunity to try CoverGirl’s newest product, So Lashy Mascara.

So Lashy Mascara is different from other mascaras because it has a unique lash finder brush that helps all lashes achieve amazing results.  Whether you have short or long lashes, So Lashy mascara claims to work for us all!

After testing the mascara on multiple occasions, here are my thoughts…

The brush: 

Like I mentioned above, So Lashy mascara has a brush that is unlike any other mascara. Most mascara wands are two-dimensional, but So Lashy mascara has a 3 zone brush. The 3rd zone is a ball tip end known as the ‘lash finder’. While this brush looks intimidating, it really does its job! I’m definitely impressed with how easy it is to apply mascara to lashes in the inner corners of your eyes. Not all mascaras have the flexibility that So Lashy mascara does.


I received this mascara in shade 785 extreme black. As someone with light colored lashes, I was pleased with how much this mascara darkened my lashes. It is also especially fast drying which allows for a fast and mistake-free application. Other than that, I believe the formula could use some work. The consistency of the mascara is clumpier than I expected. The clumps made it difficult to apply the mascara thoroughly. But with a handy mascara comb, I was able to comb the clumps out. This specific formula isn’t waterproof, but I had no issue with the mascara smudging throughout the day.


So Lashy mascara is wonderful at lengthening your lashes, but not so great at adding volume. Unfortunately, my lashes didn’t look fuller or thicker… they were still as wispy as usual. However, the length mostly made up for the lack of volume. As you can see in the before and after picture below, the mascara certainly lengthened and darkened my barely there lashes.


Overall thoughts:

I LOVE the flexible 3-zone brush because it makes it easy to apply even coats of mascara to all of your lashes.  I’m also a fan of the extreme black shade because it gives color to my light-colored lashes. In addition to that, the unique brush and formula provide my short lashes with incredible length.

If you have short, light-colored/barely visible lashes, I can confirm that this mascara will add length and color! While it may not be best in adding volume (especially for those of us with sparse lashes), it definitely makes your lashes longer and bolder.

If length and color are what you’re looking for in a mascara, So Lashy is worth a try! You can buy this mascara on Amazon or at most drugstores. And… according to Covergirl’s guarantee on their website, you can try So Lashy risk-free! If you’re unhappy with your results, you can fill out a form to request a refund. So, you really have nothing to lose!

So Lashy Mascara

Based on my results, I give So Lashy mascara a 3.5/5 💋💋💋 rating. Although I’m not as impressed with this mascara as Covergirl’s Super Sizer Fiber Mascara, I do think its innovative brush makes it a game-changer in the world of mascaras. With a little work and small improvements to its formula, this mascara could become one of the best drugstore mascaras on the market!

*I received this product complimentary of Covergirl for testing & reviewing purposes. #CGInsiders#gotitfree However, all opinions are 100% my own.*




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