You Will Find Your People by Lane Moore is Lane’s second book following How to Be Alone. In How to be Alone, Lane helped us all feel a little less lonely by embracing our solitude. In her follow up book, You Will Find Your People, Lane helps us learn how to invite deserving people into our solitude. The book which is part memoir and part self-help dives deep into the value and complexities of friendship. Told through her personal experiences, Lane helps readers pinpoint the friendships worth having and those to let go of. She also offers a guide on how to make lasting and meaningful friendships as an adult.

you will find your people

You Will Find Your People is full of heart, humor, and compassionate wisdom. Lane’s words really have a way of bringing you a sense of hope and community. Her books are entirely too relatable and I always feel like I’m reading the words of my inner thoughts. You Will Find Your People is no different. I really appreciate Lane’s ability to perfectly illustrate how friendship looks different to everyone. (And how it looks MUCH different in the real world than it does on tv). As someone who has always struggled making and keeping friends, this honest dialogue on friendship is really helpful.

I’m so grateful You Will Find Your People exists now, but it’s something I desperately needed to read in college. I always thought there was something wrong with me for not being able to easily fit in or make friends. However, Lane’s book normalizes a reality that isn’t often discussed and that’s very reassuring and encouraging.

You Will Find Your People also renewed my gratitude for the few close friends I have while remaining open to making new ones. If you’re looking to make new friends or improve current friendships, I highly recommend you give it a read.

You Will Find Your People is available for purchase on Amazon and where most books are sold.

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