You may not have heard of Kristen Roupenian, but you’ve probably read her writing. On a winter day in 2017, Kristen’s short story “Cat Person” was published on The New Yorker’s website. While the title is vague and ordinary, the story certainly isn’t.

“Cat Person” quickly took the internet by storm. It was the fictional piece that had everybody talking. I remember reading it in the early hours before work and being struck by how strange, accurate, and weirdly relatable it was.

The story of “Cat Person” follows Margot who meets a man named Robert at the movie theater she works at. While their early interaction isn’t much different than other romantic encounters, it quickly becomes complicated. “Cat Person” perfectly captures the absurdity, hilarity, repulsion, and annoying reality of modern dating.

You Know You Want This

(Quote from “Cat Person” by Kristen Roupenian)

Now, the writer of the short story phenomenon is back with You Know You Want This, a collection of 12 short stories including “Cat Person”. There’s something for everyone in these stories. These are stories that discuss the relationships people have with one another whether it be romantic, friendly, or familial.

These are also stories of desire and how we have a tendency to project our desires onto other people. This is seen in the story, “The Good Guy”.

“I was always honest with you, always. I told you what I wanted from this relationship from the very beginning. You could have trusted me, but instead, you decided you knew better than I did what I felt. You did this, not me. I’m just——–just—–the tool you’re using to hurt yourself!”

“The Good Guy” demonstrates how people create their own reality in dating even when their partner(s) want nothing to do with that reality. Though these stories are fiction, they have many realistic elements that get you thinking.

The stories in You Know You Want This are imaginative, eccentric, compelling, and strangely educational. From a young girl being introduced to Charles Manson’s music in the story “Look At Your Game, Girl” to summoning a naked man from a spell book in “Scarred”, these fascinating stories stay with you long after you’ve read them.

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