Book Review: Wholly Unraveled by Keele Burgin

Wholly Unraveled is a deeply personal memoir detailing Kathleen(Keele) Burgin’s young life. Keele grew up in a religious family, but not just the attends church every Sunday kind of religious. Keele’s family was part of a Catholic cult.

In Wholly Unraveled, Keele recounts her painful childhood memories. “In my family, there was no radio (well, no non-Christian radio), no candy, no TV, no red jeans, and no individuality: we were a collective that moved as one. Whenever and wherever my dad said was law.” And it was true, for as long as Keele lived under her dad’s roof, she was expected to abide by her dad’s rules. But, Keele was different from her siblings. She was rebellious. Though disobedience wasn’t necessarily a safe choice in her household, her rebellion is what ultimately led to her freedom.

Once free from her parents’ control, Keele became an adrenaline junkie to mask the pain. She spent a good portion of her life running. Running from love, pain, and happiness. Though she was finally “free”, she was a prisoner to her pain. However, Keele eventually learned that freedom isn’t as simple as removing herself from the origin of the pain. To be truly free, she must face it.

After a life-changing event, Keele decides to stop running(or at least starts running in a different direction). In life’s most ironic fashion, Keele ends up staying at a Catholic silent retreat center known as the Madonna House. Through silence, meditation, and structure, the Madonna House helps Keele acknowledge, accept and heal from her pain.

Wholly Unraveled is the touching true story of one woman’s courage to change her life in order to truly live. Keele’s story is a powerful example of resilience. Instead of being a victim of her circumstances, Keele is a victor of her circumstances. Her memoir, Wholly Unraveled beautifully illustrates the importance of facing your past to fully embrace the present.

If you want to read an inspiring and well-written true story, Wholly Unraveled is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

*This book contains details about subjects that some readers may be sensitive to.*

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own.*

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