As a blogger first and an influencer second, I’m always looking for information that will help me master the art of influencer marketing.  And, let me tell you… there’s A LOT of information out there. Unfortunately, not all of the information is accurate, helpful, or easily accessible. That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about Joe Sinkwitz’s (the CEO of Intellifluence) book on influencer marketing. The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing is for the newest and even the most clueless bloggers, entrepreneurs, and aspiring Instagram models.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing is a 175-page book on everything you need to know about influencer marketing. While there’s a lot of information in this book, it’s distributed in a way that avoids information overload. Its 29 (brief yet efficient) chapters allow you to absorb each topic one section at a time. These topics include how to become a visible, trustworthy, and high-quality influencer in your field of interest and/or expertise.

Many informational books can come off as a dry read. But, Sinkwitz does a good job at placing this information in a real-world setting and making it digestible for the reader. This book is also a good balance of informational and inspirational. It doesn’t just tell you how to do something, it inspires you to do something. 

After reading this book, I better understand how to amplify my social influence while working with and distinguishing myself from other influencers. There’s a lot of valuable information in this book. I’m sure I’ll be rereading it from time to time.

My only complaint is that the graphics in the physical copy of this book are grainy and difficult to read. It’s also full of links to valuable sources. Therefore, this book may be better to read in digital format.

If you’re an aspiring influencer who’s overwhelmed on where to begin, this book is a great place to start.  If you’d like to purchase this book, you can find it on Amazon.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing

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