About The Opposite of Certainty:

What happens when we can no longer pretend that the ground underfoot is bedrock and the sky above predictable?

All Janine Urbaniak Reid ever wanted was for everyone she loved to be okay so she might relax and maybe be happy. Her life strategy was simple: do everything right. This included trying to be the perfect mother to her three kids so they would never experience the kind of pain she pretended not to feel growing up. What she didn’t expect was the chaos of an out-of-control life that begins when her young son’s hand begins to shake.

The Opposite of Certainty is the story of Janine’s reluctant journey beyond easy answers and platitudes. She searches for a source of strength bigger than her circumstances, only to have her circumstances become even thornier with her own crisis. Drawn deeply and against her will into herself, and into the eternal questions we all ask, she discovers hidden reserves of strength, humor, and a no-matter-what faith that looks nothing like she thought it would.

Beautifully written and deeply hopeful, Janine shows us how we can come through impossible times transformed and yet more ourselves than we’ve ever allowed ourselves to be.

My Thoughts:

The Opposite of Certainty is a compelling story about strength, faith, and perseverance. Life changed when Janine’s young son, Mason, got sick. Once Mason began experiencing severe migraines and tremors, Janine’s motherly intuition told her something was wrong. But, half the battle was getting a diagnosis. For two years, Mason’s condition worsened as doctors misdiagnosed him.  Janine continued to push for answers, but the answer she finally received wasn’t an easy one.

After Mason’s diagnosis, Janine struggles to adjust to their new normal. With so much on her plate, she begins to neglect both herself and her marriage. But, that doesn’t stop Janine from trying to solve all her problems. However, Janine’s search for answers just left her with more questions.

Once reaching the point of mental and physical exhaustion, Janine finally decides to let go. She lets go of the need to control the uncontrollable. She lets go of perfection. And once she let go of the discomfort of the unknown, she found comfort in the known. There are few things in life that you know for certain, but faith, love, and a solid support system can strengthen and guide you through the uncertainty.

“As it turns out, “I don’t know is a profound spiritual answer. There is a relief in this moment of overwhelm.  Because once I dig out from underneath my good ideas and “what I think I know for sure,” I find a knowing that is oddly comforting: perhaps there is Someone who has all power— and maybe it’s not me.”

The Opposite of Certainty is a wonderful book for those who are feeling lost and overwhelmed. It also gives a sense of community to those who have dealt with medical issues and dismissive doctors.  Janine’s advocacy for her son is brave and heartwarming. The Opposite of Certainty encourages you to push for answers where answers can be found but to let go of things that only create more questions.


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  1. I loved this one so much! I really took so much from her story. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

    Posted on May 21, 2020 at 9:42 pm