On Adulting

On Adulting by Katina Mountanos is an encouraging, inspirational, and enlightening book that deals with the real struggles within adulthood. For most of us, adulthood isn’t anything like we thought it would be. But, just because our current adult lives aren’t meeting our expectations, that doesn’t mean that they never will.

Creating Your Dream Life

In On Adulting, it’s Katina’s mission to help us live the life we always dreamed of. While creating your dream life isn’t easy, Katina reminds us of how powerful the unconscious mind is. Though we don’t always realize it, our unconscious mind controls our experiences in the real world. This is what Katina refers to as our “baby brains”.

On Adulting

To make the most of our life, we must unlock and reprogram certain unconscious thoughts and behaviors. Our baby brains are what create limiting beliefs that control many aspects of our adult lives. There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the unconscious mind. In On Adulting, Katina provides the tools to help us recognize and let go of unconscious thoughts and behaviors.

Acknowledging Fear

Unlike some self-help books, this book isn’t all talk. Katina provides you important insight and self-reflection exercises that will help you take action. These exercises really help you dig deep to discover what kind of life you would like to live. To get the full experience, you should take the time to reflect and complete the exercises she provides. One of my favorite exercises in On Adulting is the fear-setting exercise. For those with anxiety, the fear-setting exercise is incredibly helpful. It talks you down from your fear-based delusions and helps you make confident big life decisions.

Along with acknowledging our fears, an important premise of Katina’s book is asking ourselves, “What’s the worst that could happen?”. As humans, we catastrophize and assume the worst outcome to be 100x more tragic and scarier than it actually is. Katina’s words and exercises ground us into reality by reminding us that the worst isn’t usually as bad as we imagine it to be. And, even if it is pretty bad, accepting the worst-case scenario and living through it is a lot better than allowing fear to interfere with your dream life.

Finding Happiness

On Adulting tackles the most common causes of unhappiness and anxiety within adulthood such as unfulfillment in work, relationships, finances, and lifestyle. This book is a great source of encouragement and wisdom for adults who are unhappy and uncertain about the way their life is going.

On Adulting

Though I personally love most self-help books, for those of you who don’t, I still urge you to read On Adulting because it’s far from being your typical self-help book. Within her book, Katina doesn’t solely rely on inspirational quotes and her personal experiences, she provides us essential information backed by research, analysis, experts, and successfully tested exercises.

A big takeaway from On Adulting is that adulthood doesn’t have to suck. We think it does because we let everyone and their brother, sister, mother tell us that (and we tell ourselves that too). But, we have the power to change the story, we just have to take the time to throw out the old draft and rewrite it.

If you’re searching for some guidance through adulthood, I highly recommend you read On Adulting. You can purchase On Adulting on Amazon and where most books are sold.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.