It's never too late

Former Today show host Kathie Lee Gifford draws on stories from her remarkable life to weave together a beautiful reminder that whatever circumstances we face, God is still dreaming big for our years ahead.

When Kathie Lee Gifford stepped down as cohost of the fourth hour of the Today show with Hoda Kotb, you might have thought her best days were behind her. It turns out, she was just getting started. As Kathie Lee says, “I’m not retiring; I’m refiring!”

Taking us from her Chesapeake Bay childhood when she first heard God’s calling, to her skyrocketing fame with Regis, to her decision to leave television for Nashville, Kathie Lee inspires us to pursue what really matters. Because it’s never too late to forgive, to dance the cha-cha, or to make a difference in the world.

God placed His dreams in your heart for a reason. And like Kathie Lee, you might just discover that the best is yet to come. Whether you’re an empty nester, newly single, navigating a career change, or just eager for any change, Kathie Lee helps you hear God’s loving calling because It’s Never Too Late to . . .

  • Begin Again
  • Make Sparks Fly
  • Leave a Good Thing
  • Have a Party
  • Change the Ending, Then Change It Again

Is it time for you to rewrite your story, unearth your hidden passions, and live with a renewed purpose? It’s never too late.

My Thoughts:

It’s Never Too Late by Kathie Lee Gifford is insightful and encouraging. Though the book focuses on her personal experience in the entertainment industry, she shares invaluable wisdom that is applicable to anyone.

My main takeaway from Kathie Lee’s book is that you’re never too old to dream and that no dream is too big. I found it incredibly inspirational to read her journey from the beginning and to see how hard work, faith, and ambition got her where she is today. Prior to reading It’s Never Too Late, I didn’t know a whole lot about Kathie Lee Gifford. But, this book allowed me to connect with her on a personal level. And, let me tell you, this woman’s fearlessness is beyond admirable! Her ability to walk away from the Today show to pursue new passions is courageous. She’s living for the now, and I aspire to join her.

It’s Never Too Late is an easy read that compels you to move forward with the things you want to do in your life. It’s a friendly push that you should always do the things that are gnawing at your spirit. Because even though her book is called It’s Never Too Late, we all know that our dreams and existence eventually do expire. So, let’s follow Kathie Lee’s lead, and pursue all the things we’ve always wanted to do.

Thanks to Lisa from TLC Book Tours for inviting me on this blog tour for It’s Never Too Late. I received a free copy of this book through TLC Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.

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