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From New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff, the creator of the popular Dream Big conferences, a wildly inspiring yet utterly practical blueprint for helping readers find and reach their biggest dreams.

Bob Goff is on a mission to shake people into the version of their lives they dreamt about before someone told them it was impossible or incorrect. He wants people to reconnect with the seat of their passion and their person. He wants them to dream big.

In this revelatory new book, Goff takes readers on a life-proven journey to rediscover their dreams and turn them into reality. Based on his popular Dream Big workshop, Bob draws on a lifetime of living and dreaming large to help guide readers to reaching their larger-than-life dreams.


   In Dream Big he shows us how to:

  • learn to define clearly your dreams for yourself,
  • identify the obstacles holding you back,
  • come up with a specific plan for reaching goals, and
  • develop the tools that will help you act on the plan.

Dream Big is the only book you need to uncover the wild and exciting dream for your life you’ve hidden from yourself–and help you take the steps necessary to achieve it.

My Thoughts:

Dream Big by Bob Goff came into my life at exactly the right time. After recently experiencing a traumatic car accident, I’ve been asking myself all the existential questions of life. Questions such as, What’s my life purpose? How can I make the most of my time on Earth? What would make my life more satisfying and meaningful? All these questions and more are discussed in Bob Goff’s new book, Dream Big. 

In Dream Big, Bob shares his journey towards a meaningful life. Speaking from experience, his words of advice are both enlightening and encouraging. Throughout the chapters, Bob helps you develop a level of self-awareness by asking the important questions. These are the questions that are often shoved into the back of our minds but haunt us late at night. Bob is here to help us pull these questions out front and center. Contemplating and answering these questions truthfully will help us uncover our purpose. But, like most things, it takes time.

Dream Big is a great book to read for those of us who are feeling stuck in life. Just because you’re uncertain of your direction doesn’t mean you don’t have any direction. Choosing how you want to live your life is a big thing.  Though I finished the book, I’m still chugging along with my answers to these questions. These questions usually don’t have quick answers. An important part of the process is thinking long and hard about what you want. Once you discover what that is, you can start the journey towards achieving it.

“Our lives aren’t lived by chance, and we don’t need to act like our ambitions are beyond our control. You have far more agency over your ambitions than you might realize.”

Reading Dream Big is like going on a mental retreat and experiencing a come-to-Jesus moment. That moment for me is the realization that I only have a vague idea of what I want to do. Everything in me says it’s my calling to write, but doubt slides in and shuts it down. Dream Big by Bob Goff has shown me that my dreams aren’t abandoning me, but doubt and fear are causing me to abandon them. The only way to make your dreams happen is to specifically know what they are and how to achieve them. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to write, but what is it exactly that I want to write? How and when will I write it? The unanswered questions show that I still have some self-discovery to do. But, that’s okay, because as I’ve learned in Dream Big, self-discovery is where the magic happens.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, uncertain of your next move, and need some wisdom and encouragement, I highly recommend Dream Big. Dream Big is motivational, inspiring, enlightening, and powerful. I loved everything about this book. I can’t wait to read more by Bob Goff and start implementing his words of advice into my life.

“The fix isn’t easy, but it’s simple: we need to replace what we’ve settled for with what we’ve been longing for. We need to find ambitions worthy of our time and the effort it will take to pursue them”.


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Thanks to Lisa from TLC Book Tours for inviting me on this blog tour for Dream Big. I received a free advanced reader’s copy of this book from the publisher through TLC Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I am reading this one right now too, and I was just telling my friend this came to me at the best time! I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for being on the tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

    Posted on July 5, 2020 at 2:06 pm