Complete National Parks Of EuropeAbout Complete National Parks of Europe

• Paperback: 536 pages
• Publisher: National Geographic (February 25, 2020)

Discover European wilderness–from Croatia’s coastline to Scotland’s highlands–in this comprehensive guide to pristine parks and wild spaces, full of photos, maps, and tips.

In these rich and informative pages, the travel pros at National Geographic bring you the premier guide to 460 national parks of Europe. Find your way to Snowdonia in Wales, offering more than 1,490 miles of walking trails through thick forests, coastal beaches, deep lakes, and jagged mountains. Catch a glimpse of more than 10,000 species inhabiting Germany’s Bavarian Forest.

Explore the flora and fauna while camping amid the twin peaks of France’s Pyrénées. Or visit “the home of the giants,” Norway’s Jotunheimen park, containing the country’s 29 highest peaks and plenty of backcountry hiking. This breathtaking tour spans the entire continent and will inspire your next grand adventure with more than 400 photos, 55 maps, rich histories, exciting itineraries, and need-to-know tips from what to do and how to get there. Each entry includes favorite spots for viewing scenery and wildlife, the best trails to walk or hike, and insights into what makes each of these parks worth visiting. Inspiring and informative, this illuminating guide will help you to experience Europe in a whole new way.

My thoughts:

Complete National Parks Of Europe

In National Geographic’s Complete National Parks of Europe, readers are given a grand tour of the phenomenal sights and experiences that exist within Europe’s National Parks. Whether you’re into hiking, climbing, photography, history, mythical legends, or just enjoy the quiet beauty of nature, these destinations cater to many interests.

Though there’s nothing like seeing it in person, the vibrant photos in National Geographic’s Complete National Parks of Europe wonderfully capture the beauty. Along with stunning pictures, we’re given vivid details about each park. Throughout the pages, you learn the beauty, history, legends, and creatures that inhabit Europe’s National Parks. We learn of the folktales of fairies in the Cairngorms, how Loch Lomond is one of Europe’s most popular fishing destinations, the exquisite wallcreeper bird of Vanoise, and how Aggtelek National Park has therapeutic air caves that are good for conditions such as asthma.

National Geographic excellently illustrates the natural sights of Europe. There are more than 460 National Parks in Europe, thankfully, Complete National Parks of Europe breaks it all down for us. This isn’t really a book that can or should be read in one sitting. While much of the 536 pages consist of photos, this is a book you should take your time with. There’s so much to learn and appreciate about the beauty, creatures, and history many of these parks contain.

With so much to do and see, National Geographic’s book will help you pinpoint your must-see destinations. I loved this book. I’ve never wanted to trek across Europe more than I do now. If you’re currently planning a European escapade or hope to one day soon, Complete National Parks of Europe can be your bookish tour guide.

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Complete National Parks Of Europe

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