Hello and Happy New Year! 🎉 As a way to start off the new year, I’ve decided to participate in Bloganuary 2024. Bloganuary is a month long blogging challenge that encourages bloggers to blog daily by inspiring them through writing prompts. Bloganuary isn’t just a good way to get out of your writing slump, it’s also great for finding new blogs and connecting with likeminded bloggers. This is my first time participating, and I’m excited but also a little nervous! Over the last year I’ve struggled with writing consistently and have somewhat neglected my blog. However, I’m ready to jump back in and do my best to be as consistent as possible.

With that said, I’m going to dive into today’s writing prompt:

My Biggest Challenges

One of my biggest challenges is falling victim to overthinking. Overthinking and anxiety go hand in hand and one often enhances the other. Though I pride myself on being a deep thinker, overthinking is a trait I need to learn to let go of. When I’m in a spiral of overthinking my mind considers the worst case (and sometimes unreasonable) scenarios and runs with it. It causes distress, sadness, insecurity, and takes away from my ability to live in the present moment. Overthinking is also the cousin to perfectionism which often prevents me from doing what I love out of fear of it being less than perfect. This type of overthinking has caused me to neglect some of my greatest passions such as writing and maintaining my blog. (*This blog post itself was brought to you today through my ability to silence my overthinking!*)

For me I believe overthinking is a survival tactic, but I don’t realize that my overthinking causes more problems than it solves. Overthinking is rarely productive. Thinking too much of the past is a cause of depression and thinking too much of the future results in anxiety. But yet, I can’t seem to stop. While I’m no expert in the field of treating obsessive thoughts, I believe the best way to “treat” and slow down my overthinking is to learn how to consciously change and redirect my thoughts. I came across this Tiktok and instantly became inspired to change my way of thinking.

If I feel the need to think so much, why not change the narrative of my thoughts? As the cool kids say, be “delulu” and believe in the best case scenarios instead of spiraling into the worst. This will likely naturally lessen my overthinking by giving me less negative hypotheticals to ruminate on.

I think another way to challenge my overthinking is to busy my body. I believe that an inactive body creates an overactive mind. When I’m out having a good time with friends or in the midst of a good workout, my mind is a lot quieter. But as a homebody, this is a little challenging. I love my downtime, but too much thinking in my downtime can truly bring me down.

Obviously, thinking is a good thing, none of us want to walk around aimlessly with elevator music in our heads. But there’s definitely a balance to be found. In 2024 I’m going to push myself to do a little less thinking and a lot more doing.

What are some of your biggest challenges? Do you struggle with overthinking? Let me know in the comments below.

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