For a long time, my hair was angry at me. It expressed its fits of anger by breaking off and refusing to grow. And as angry as my hair also made me,I was fully to blame for our disagreement. Prior to taking better care of it, I would bleach it monthly, straighten it almost daily, wash it too frequently, and cut it too infrequently. Four months ago, I had a hair revelation and decided I was going to start treating my hair better. Those four months have been absolutely life-changing and my hair and I are now on wonderful terms 😉 .  If you are currently experiencing problems with the quality and/or length of your hair, follow my tips & tricks to make your hair grow faster.

1. Cut it only when it needs it.

grow hair faster

There’s been a lot of discussion as to whether cutting your hair actually helps it grow.  It sounds counterintuitive to cut hair that you are trying to grow which is why many believe it’s a myth. ARROJO cosmetologist Kelly Rowe confirms this myth by telling“It is a myth that you need to get frequent trims to grow your hair out. Hair grows from the root not from the ends so a trim has no effect on the hair other than making it look healthier and shorter.”  There you have it! It has officially been established that cutting your hair frequently isn’t necessary when growing it out. 

With that being said, how often should you cut your hair to keep it healthy? While many hairstylists try to offer us guidance to when we should cut our hair, the 6-8 week rule doesn’t apply to everyone. The timeframe of your next trim really depends on the many factors that affect the quality of your hair. If you’re someone who straightens and/or colors your hair often, you may be in need of a trim every 4-6 weeks. If you’re the opposite, you might not need a trim until 8-12 weeks.  Personally, I believe you should be the only one to make the judgment call! You’re the one who deals with your hair on a day to day basis. You should have a pretty good idea as to when you feel your hair NEEDS a cut. And when you’re trying to grow your hair out, don’t resort to cutting it for any other reason other than it needs it.

2. Wash it every other day.

Washing my hair every other day is a new habit of mine that has completely transformed the quality of my hair.  Although many of us have been wired to think otherwise, washing your hair every day is unnecessary and unhealthy. Shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils. Those natural oils are what keep your hair healthy and moistened. Since I’ve started washing my hair only 3-4 times a week, my hair has been softer, shinier, less frizzy, and more manageable. No shampoo in the world can compete with that! It’s a smart move to skip the shampoo every other day and give your hair a few days of rest. You may be hesitant at first but the results will have you wishing you switched up your shampooing routine sooner!

3. Invest in a quality shampoo & conditioner.

Super fruit shampoos and conditioners are a great choice for those who want to grow their hair because many fruits used in these shampoos and conditioners fuel healthy hair growth. For instance, acai berry is found in many super fruit shampoos & conditioners and acai berries are said to promote healthy hair growth, keep your roots strong, and decrease hair loss. Another ingredient that is often found in super fruit shampoos & conditioners is pomegranate. Pomegranates have many benefits for your hair such as taming frizz, moisturizing, and stimulating hair growth by increasing the blood circulation to your scalp. Fruit shampoos and conditioners reap of hair benefits and they smell incredible too!

Super fruit shampoos and conditioners are offered by many brands. I currently use Biotera Long & Healthy Shampoo & Conditioner and I loveee it! My hair has been softer, smoother, healthier looking, and easier to brush and style since I’ve started using this duo.  And just like it promises, I’ve also noticed a decrease in breakage and split ends. I’ve been using it a couple months now and am very pleased with my results. You can find it for a fair price at your local Sally Beauty Supply store or purchase it on Amazon.

4. Buy L’ANZA’s Trauma Treatment!

My hairstylist was the first to introduce me to L’ANZA hair products… and thank god for that!

When you’re trying to grow your hair out, it is essential that you keep your hair at its healthiest. One of the best ways to do this is to care for your hair by using a weekly conditioning treatment. There are many conditioning treatments out there in the world of hair products, but I personally haven’t found any that is effective as L’ANZA’s Trauma Treatment. Though it is a bit pricey, it’s worth every penny because it has done wonders for my hair. I’ve been using it for the last couple years and it has helped my hair become softer and longer more than any other product or technique I’ve tried. This leave-in treatment dramatically improves the look and the feel of your hair by nourishing it with amino acids that moisturize and heals hair follicles. If you’re like me and have mermaid hair envy, you can benefit by giving this product a try. I promise you won’t regret it!

5. Use a brush that works for your hair.

I have fine color-treated hair. Unfortunately, fine hair and colored hair tangles and breaks easily.  Thankfully, I have found a hair brush that gently and safely glides through my hair. The majestic hair brush that I use isn’t an expensive tool, it is actually a child’s hairbrush. I know that may sound crazy, but it really works for me! Initially, I started using a brush made for ages 5 & up because I couldn’t resist the hello kitty design. But, to my surprise, this 5+ children’s brush works quite well for me. I don’t recommend that everyone should steal their children’s brushes or immediately go out and buy one of their own, but if you have fine hair… it may be just what you need!

There’s no scientific evidence towards this claim, but I believe a child’s brush works well for fine and fragile hair because the bristles are softer and they don’t snag as easily. If your hair brush is complicating your hair routine, you should definitely explore your alternatives. You may find a pleasantly unusual brush that works amazing. For this reason (AND the cute hello kitty design), I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to a traditional age-appropriate brush.

6. Stimulate your scalp!

As I’ve established throughout this post, stimulation to the scalp is the key to growing your hair longer at a faster rate. There are many ways to increase blood flow to your scalp. One way is through a scalp massage. You can give your head a good scalp massage while in the shower or before bed. It doesn’t matter when/where you do it, all that matter is that you do it often!

Another method is the inversion method. The inversion hair growth method is a therapeutic method that involves hanging your head upside down for a few minutes a couple times a week. You may feel silly doing it, but logically it is a pretty solid method that accelerates hair growth!

7. Braid your hair.

Braiding is another hair growth technique that has been widely discussed. Although some people claim it does nothing to assist in hair growth, I beg to differ. Just like scalp massages and the inversion method, braiding your hair increases blood flow to the scalp. And by increasing scalp circulation, we are stimulating hair growth. When you’re braiding be sure not to braid your hair too tightly. Tight braids can have the opposite effect. You can braid your hair for an everyday look or you can braid it into sections before bed. Typically, I wear loose braids to bed. Not only do the braids protect my hair while I’m sleeping and promote hair growth, they also give me a beautiful wavy look when I undo them in the morning.

Whether you’re experiencing haircut remorse or you’ve been failing at growing your stubborn and/or damaged hair, these tips & tricks are guaranteed to promote healthy hair growth. You’ll have mermaid hair in no time!

grow hair faster

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