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Today, I have another beauty review brought to you by Influenster. Recently, I received the Formula X System Xcel and Delete All nail polish remover in Influenster’s Formula X Voxbox.  While I’m not big on doing my nails, I was curious about giving these products a try.

After spending a couple weeks using these products,I’m very impressed. The System Xcel was easy to use and the results were better than I expected!  Before I jump right into the reasons why you should skip the salon and give The System Xcel a try, I will first give you a brief overview of the products.

The Formula X System Xcel kit comes with 4 steps that promise a long-lasting gel-like mani.

Formula X System Xcel

Step #1: The Cleanse Xcel:  This step preps your nails for lasting color by improving the natural quality of your nails. It does this by removing oils while conditioning your nails.

Step #2: Prime Xcel: This step uses keratin and advanced bonding agents to promote enduring color.

Step #3: Nail Color: After prepping your nails, apply 1-2 coats of your desired color.

Step #4: Shine Xcel: This final step seals the deal by polishing your mani off with a radiant gel-like finish.

While you may be hesitant about adding more steps to your mani routine, System Xcel is easy to follow and the results are more than worth it!Now that I’ve given you a brief overview of the products, I will get into the 7 reasons you should skip the salon and give Formula X System Xcel a try.

Now that I’ve given you a brief overview of the products, I will get into the 7 reasons you should skip the salon and give Formula X System Xcel a try.

1.It’s long lasting.

Formula X System Xcel Nails
I followed all four of these steps and achieved a mani that lasted over a week. There was some minimal chipping near the 7th day, but I believe it could be minimized by following all four steps very closely. I’m an amateur at doing my nails, so I’m sure someone who is more experienced can achieve results that are even better than mine. However, for someone who doesn’t do their nails too often, my results are pretty dang impressive!

2. You receive gel-like shine at home!

With Formula X’s The System Xcel, you can achieve gel-like shine without the use of UV lighting. The final step(Shine Xcel) gives your nails a top quality shine that will make your nails stand out.

3. It’s 10-day chip-resistant wear.

If my results and testament aren’t enough, System Xcel also makes the bold claim that their kit offers a 10-day wear. This is 2x more days than the use of Formula X polish on its own!

4. There’s a wide range of colors.

While I received a gorgeous coral pink in the shade TGIF, Formula X has a large variety of colors to choose from. You can visit their entire collection here.

5. It’s inexpensive!

Gel mani’s can cost anywhere from $30-$45 dollars. With The System Xcel, you can buy the entire kit for $32 dollars! This also includes your choice of 1 free nail polish.  The kit will offer you many uses while spending $40 at the salon is a one time deal. Switching to The System Xcel allows you to get more bang for your buck!

6. It’s convenient.

Why go to the salon when you can get high-quality results from the comfort of your own home?! While you may have preferred the salon treatment in the past, The System Xcel may change your mind. This DIY mani kit offers you the same (if not better) results at home.

7. It’s simple!

Many at-home mani kits have several steps that require long wait times. The System Xcel has four simple steps with limited wait time. The first two steps are completed within minutes, while the nail polish and shine coat requires even less drying time than traditional nail polish.  And if you make a mistake, Formula X’s Delete All nail polish remover is there for a quick fix.

Formula X Delete All

So, the next time you’re thinking of heading to the salon,you should consider picking up The System Xcel at Sephora instead. Once you give it a try, you’re likely to become a #SystemAddict like me!

*I received Formula X System Xcel and Delete All nail polish remover complimentary from Influenster for testing & reviewing purposes. However, all opinions are 100% my own. *

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