Last year when I turned thirty, I made a point to make my birthday as special and exciting as possible. A new decade is a turning point in your life. But regardless of what age you’re turning, each year your birthday rolls around you should make it a day to remember. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or you’re just turning another year older and wiser, there are lots of possibilities worth exploring. Here are some options to help celebrate another year around the sun.

1.Hire A Caterer

If you don’t want the hassle of cooking, you might want to consider hiring a professional caterer for your birthday. By doing so you’ll be able to guarantee that you and your friends can enjoy tasty food throughout your celebration. This is a fantastic option whether you’re hosting at a venue or celebrating in the comfort of your home. Birthday catering is available from a large range of businesses that provide high quality food at great rates. There’s many options that will meet virtually any budget requirement that you can think of. Another bonus of hiring a caterer is that if your party has a theme, catering is an excellent way of ordering uniquely custom-made food.

2. Take A Trip

Taking a trip for your birthday is a great way to create a memorable birthday experience. For my 30th birthday, I went to Nashville with a couple of my closest friends, and that trip was a gift that I’ll never forget. Exploring somewhere new with your loved ones is an exciting way to bring in a new age. Being somewhere new sets the tone for a new year of adventures while also allowing you to reflect on the future while being away from home. I highly recommend saving back for a birthday trip.

3.Schedule A Birthday Photoshoot

Even if you’re like me and you shy away from photos, your birthday is worth capturing. You can have a friend take some nice candids of you or hire a professional photographer for a birthday shoot. Getting yourself dolled up for a birthday shoot is a lot of fun and a great dose of confidence to help celebrate a new age. Schedule that shoot and capture some memories, I promise you will be glad that you did!

4. Treat Yourself

Your birthday always provides the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Whether that means getting your nails and hair done or buying yourself a new gadget or birthday outfit. If there’s any day to treat yourself, let it be your birthday! Another bonus is that a lot of stores and restaurants offer free birthday rewards that make treating yourself easy. Before your birthday comes around, make sure to sign up for these so you can receive all kinds of birthday freebies on your special day of the year. 

5. Rent A Party Bus

 If a night on the town is what you’re looking for, you can always rent a party bus for your birthday celebration. You may assume that a party bus is not going to fit into the budget for your birthday. However, a party bus rental is considerably more budget friendly compared to what people assume it’s going to cost. There’s companies specifically dedicated to providing buses for events like birthdays, bachelor parties, and similar celebrations. You can even explore special options including party buses that provide alcohol, music, and snacks as part of the package. 

6. Plan A Schedule

Finally, you might want to think about planning a schedule for how you want to spend your birthday.  Planning ahead will help guarantee your friends and family will be able to join in on the fun. And planning it out will also help you pinpoint exactly how you want to spend it. And remember, there’s no set rule saying that you can only do one thing. Instead, you can get up to as much or as little as you like, essentially planning a whole evening of fun and excitement. After all, it’s your day and you can celebrate it however you want to! And hopefully this post inspires some ideas for you to do just that.

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