To anyone who exists in today’s world, it’s pretty obvious that technology has changed the way we communicate. Email, text, and social networking sites have quickly become a few of our main methods of communication, but they shouldn’t be our only way to communicate. While it’s great that we have many effortless ways to communicate, we shouldn’t forget the value of sending and receiving handwritten notes.  Long before email, Snapchat messages, and Facebook comments, one of the best ways to convey a message was through personal notes and letters. Here are 5 reasons why personal notes are better than emails.

1. A handwritten letter is more meaningful.

Compared to an email, handwritten notes are a lot more meaningful. A note can make you smile in a way that an email never could. Notes make the recipient feel important due to the love and energy that was put into writing and sending it. Sending an email is quick and easy, but sending a card shows that you took extra effort to show someone you were thinking about them.

2. It’s easier to express yourself.

Personalized cards and notes give you the opportunity to be more expressive. While we all love emojis, nothing is quite as expressive and special as hand-drawn art. With cards, you can draw cute hearts and smiley faces, sign your name, and add any personal touch that you like. Cards convey more emotion because they can be personalized in so many different ways.

If you want something more personal than a greeting card from the grocery store, there are even websites such as Handwrytten in which you can use a handwritten note generator to create your own customizable greeting cards. On Handwrytten, you can choose from different card sizes and designs. You also get the unique opportunity to customize your card(s) with your own handwriting or you can use one of their custom and elegant handwriting styles and signatures.

personal notes

3. You can treasure them forever.

Personal notes and cards make great keepsakes. You don’t have to worry about them getting accidentally deleted like they do in the digital world. Whether it’s a card for a special occasion or a thoughtful card from a loved one, it’s nice to be able to scrapbook them or add them to a memory book to cherish them forever. Though you can print emails, they don’t evoke the same feelings as a physical card from a loved one does.

4. Receiving snail mail is fun.

Receiving personal mail is fun! It’s nice to occasionally receive mail that isn’t a catalog or a bill. Receiving an unexpected card can make someone’s whole day. I think we should all make more effort to share our appreciation for others through letters and cards. Sending postcards used to be incredibly common, and nowadays we only share our travel adventures on Facebook. Next time you want to send a special message digitally, you should consider whether it would be more thoughtful if it was sent in a tangible way.

5. There isn’t anything quite like them.

Personal notes and cards are unique. They’re unique based on how they look, what’s written inside of them, and who sent them. There really isn’t anything quite like them. Handwritten cards help keep the memory of special moments, places, and people alive. An email doesn’t have the power to do that. Though we may be tempted to send sweet messages and birthday wishes through the click of a button, opting to send a personal note will allow that message to live on for years to come.