Working remotely can become lonely and isolating for some people. Though the office might not be your preferred place to work from, if you have the option of working outside of the office, changing where and how you work can help you remain focused and motivated.

While working from home might be more accessible, if you are in need a change of scenery, a change of pace, or some new fresh walls to look at while working, then these alternatives can help break the monotony of working from home. Here are 4 locations ideal for remote work. 

1. Coffee Shop

A cozy little coffee shop is the ideal hangout for many remote workers. Coffee shops are great for remote work because they offer a constant stream of food and drink, free Wi-Fi, and a comfortable space to work from. If you’re lucky, your city likely has a mix of small business coffee shops as well as larger franchise restaurants. Finding an independent coffee shop can often be quieter and more accessible to work from than a large chain, and as an added bonus they usually offer more uniquely handcrafted drinks. Alternatively, if you want something different, a bookstore with food and drink could be the perfect place to set up, relax, and get some work done.

2. Library

Libraries have traditionally been perfect places to knuckle down and get productive. Their quiet surroundings mean you likely won’t be disturbed, and you can typically stay there as long as you need to ( though be sure to check if your local library has rules on this before you arrive). But for the most part, public libraries are free to enter, have reliable internet, computer access, and lots of books and research material that could be helpful depending on what you may be working on. 

3. Shared Workspace

Shared offices or pay-as-you-go workspaces can be great places for those who love the hustle and bustle of an office or need a more formal place to work. You can usually rent these on an as-and-when-you-need-them basis, and you can choose to work in a room with other people doing their own thing or spend a little bit more for a private room you can use and host meetings in, for example. Shared or coworking spaces are usually found in all major cities and can be perfect if you’re traveling while still working, as they can give you a base and a place to book and work from when you arrive at your next destination.

4. Rent A Desk

If coworking spaces aren’t in your area or out of your budget, then you can use online websites to find places that rent out a desk on an ad hoc basis. There are many sites that people can advertise desks for rent on, such as ShareDesk, or you can ask local businesses if they have a desk to spare on an infrequent basis for you to use when you need a change of scenery or you’re unable to work at home.

Remote working is ideal for many people and lifestyles, and it can allow you the freedom to get work done without having to travel to a traditional office. Still, sometimes, a change of scenery is welcome and can help you to get in the zone and bring life to your ordinary workday routine.

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